Dog Collar and Leash

Discover Our Dog Leash and Collar Sets

At Voyager, our dog leash and collar sets are designed with the needs of pet owners in mind. Imagine a collar and leash set that not only keeps your dog secure but also adds a splash of style. That's what we offer here at Voyager – a blend of fashion, functionality, and peace of mind for your pooch.

The Benefits of Our Designs

We know the anxiety of a collar that might slip off or the frustration of a tangled leash. That's why features like a security ring to prevent escapes and a swivel hook to keep things free of knots are so important. We've also introduced a quick-release buckle to make taking the collar on and off a breeze. Comfort is another cornerstone of our designs. Made with soft, non-irritating materials, our collar and leash dog sets are designed to be gentle on your animal. This way, they're as comfortable as they are secure.

Why Vets and Dog Owners Recommend

Going for a walk with your dog is not just about looking good – it's about feeling good and staying safe. This is something veterinarians understand and why many recommend a sturdy, well-fitted collar and leash set. A reliable collar and leash are must-have tools for any owner. Whether it's keeping your dog out of the road or away from other animals, a quality set helps to control your pet and keep them safe.

A Variety of Choices

We understand that each dog is unique, and so are their owners. Our range of sets includes various shades and styles. Whether you prefer classic tones or bold colors that pop, we have something to suit every taste. We even offer reflective leashes that alert other pedestrians while out at night, and poop bag attachments so you can grab a bag and keep going whenever the need arises.

Best-Selling Dog Leash and Collar

Our best-selling product is a universal dog leash & collar set that fits breeds of all sizes. Coming in various lengths and widths and nearly a dozen color options, it's an accessory that complements your lifestyle and brings out the best in your pet. Our sets stand out for their durability, comfort, and affordability, making them a favorite among our customers.

When to Introduce Leashes and Collars

We believe it's never too early to start teaching good habits. Finding a quality puppy collar and leash as early as 8 to 10 weeks of age can be a crucial part of their training and development. Our adjustable designs mean that as your furry friend grows, our products can grow with them, providing a comfortable and secure fit at every stage of life.

Easy Maintenance for Busy Lives

Everyday life can get hectic, so we've made our leash and collar sets as easy as possible to maintain. A gentle wash with soap and water, followed by a simple air dry, is all it takes to keep them looking great. Regular cleaning extends their lifespan and makes sure they stay smelling fresh, so your dog can continue to wear them for years to come.


What materials are used in your leash and collar sets?

We use premium, cushioned materials including neoprene and nylon. These materials are not only comfortable for your dog but also durable and long-lasting.

Can I adjust the size of the collar and leash?

Absolutely! The collar and leashes are adjustable with three customizable sizing options. This guarantees a perfect fit for every dog, regardless of size or breed.

Are your sets suitable for training my puppy?

Yes! For all your puppy collar leash needs, our products fit the bill. The comfortable materials, adjustable sizing, and safety features make them an excellent choice for training sessions and helping your pet get used to walking with a leash.

Are your leashes comfortable to hold during long walks?

They are! Our leashes have a padded handle to optimize comfort during long walks and adventures. This design means pleasant strolls without hand fatigue.

How do I choose the right size for my dog?

Our leash and collar sets are adjustable and come in standard sizes of small, medium, and large. You can measure your dog's neck and refer to our sizing guide to choose the size that best fits your animal.