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Voyager Reflective Dog Leash


Lime Green
Baby Blue
Royal Blue
Prussian Blue

Keep Your Dog Close and Controlled with a Stylish and Durable Dog Leash from Voyager!

There’s nothing more fun for your dog than getting outside on the leash and taking off on an adventure with the person they love the most—you. That’s why you want to get them a dog leash that’s comfortable for you, the right length for them, and provides the kind of durability you both need when the weather or the environment gets a little crazy.

We developed Voyager Reflective Dog Leashes to do all that and more with a classic design that looks amazing and offers the rugged resilience you need to walk, run, jog, and always be ready for a new adventure together!


Key Features:

  • Stylish and Cushioned Handle - The soft handle is padded with neoprene to provide comfort and control when walking your dog.
  • Great for Training or Exercise - A smart way to teach your dog how to heel, stay close when you're running or maintain better control when you're introducing them to people or other pets.
  • Quick-Attach D-Ring - The thick alloy D-ring at the base of the handle lets you attach other pet-essential items including the poop bag dispenser, treat bag, or other accessories to keep your dog clean, happy or safe.
  • Reflective Nylon Webbing - We've made it easier and safer to walk your dog at night or in low-light conditions by adding reflective stitching to the design that makes it easier for you both to be seen.