English Bulldog Harnesses

Voyager's English Bulldog Harnesses

English Bulldogs aren't your average dogs, and they certainly don't fit your average harness. Our English Bulldog harnesses are crafted with their one-of-a-kind physique in mind. We're talking about a snug, comfortable fit that accommodates their broad chests and supports their burly bodies, without any of that tight, restrictive feeling. We let your Bulldog move freely and comfortably, because let's face it, they deserve gear as unique as they are.

Amazing Benefits

Why choose our harnesses? Simple. They're designed to make your Bulldog's life better (and yours, too). For us, comfort is king. Our harnesses make sure your Bulldog won't deal with any chafing or comfort, no matter how long the walk is. We distribute pressure evenly across their chest, making it easier for you to guide them without any strain on their neck or back.

Vet-Approved? Absolutely.

When vets recommend something, you listen. Especially when it comes to harnesses for a breed as special as the English Bulldog. Vets love our harnesses because they're designed to support your Bulldog's health. No pressure on the throat, no risk of restricting their breathing – just a comfortable, safe harness that vets everywhere give the thumbs up to.

Our Best-Selling Harness

Meet the step-in flex harness. Widely considered the best harness for English Bulldog owners, it's the perfect mix of style, safety, and comfort. With its no-pull design, reflective strips for those late-night or early-morning walks, and breathable material, this soft and sturdy air mesh harness is a hit for good reason. It keeps your Bulldog cool, visible, and comfy, making it our best-selling harness for the breed.

Styles for Every Personality

Your Bulldog's harness should match their personality, and that's why our collection comes in various types and patterns. Whether you're looking for something bold and vibrant to match your Bulldog's playful side or a more subdued, classic look, we've got you covered. From orange to pink to blue, there's nothing you can't find. Our harnesses help your Bulldog stand out in the best way possible.

Keeping It Clean

We know Bulldogs can get into all sorts of adventures, which means their harnesses can pick up dirt along the way. Cleaning our harnesses is a breeze. Gently rinse with mild soap and water to keep them looking and smelling fresh. For a quick clean-up, a wipe-down with a damp cloth does the trick. Just let it air dry, and your Bulldog's harness is ready for their next outing.


Will this harness keep my dog cool in warm weather?

Yes, it's made from a breathable air mesh material that's lightweight and designed to wick moisture away. This keeps your pet cool and comfortable, even on warmer days.

Is the harness safe for early morning or late evening walks?

Safety is a top priority, which is why our harnesses are equipped with reflective material on the straps. This enhances your pet's visibility in low-light conditions, making those early morning or late evening strolls safer.

How do I ensure I'm choosing the right size for my pet?

For the best fit, measure your pet's neck and chest before referring to our size chart. This will help you select the size that will guarantee a comfortable and secure fit for your pet.

​​Can I adjust the harness to fit my Bulldog perfectly?

Absolutely! Our harnesses come with adjustable sliders – two on the chest and one on the neck strap. This means you can customize the fit to match your pet's unique shape, ensuring a snug, comfortable fit that's just right.

Is the harness easy to secure?

Yes, securing your pet is straightforward. Once adjusted and clipped, the buckle and double D-Rings on the back provide extra security, so that the harness stays in place during your walks.